Planven Entrepreneur Ventures is a Venture Capital Fund with an innovative focus on combining established industries with cutting edge growth stage technology companies

PEV invests globally in disruptive technologies that have direct impact on European businesses and gives access to an investment class that is going to provide superior returns in the next 10 years

PEV helps the European corporate ecosystem to access disruptive technologies

PEV takes advantage of a huge gap in corporate innovation leveraging on its superior network into the global technology ecosystem

PEV connects corporate innovation demand with technological solutions and understands the innovation needs of European corporates

We address the gap between corporates not having access to technology and technology companies not having access to the market

Wide Industry Network

We have network-partners in sectors impacted by technology

On the Field Due Diligence

We try and test products and services in the real world to assess the market fit

Interactive Network Database

Our global network is mapped into an interactive database which adds concrete value to our business model since it allows us to standardize and replicate successful investments and business development activities

Entrepreneurial Background

Families and experienced manager with strong industrial background. Disciplined Investment approach developed over the years



should embrace the technological change sweeping the world with no fear and with the goal of making its ecosystem much more competitive. European citizens should have the opportunity to re-train and acquire new skills. This is the way to start an entrepreneurial renaissance in Europe


should embrace technological change, industry 4.0, is changing business forever, old industries are challenged not only by technology but also by climate change (cars, air travel) as industry re-invents itself. People should empower themselves to keep living in a peaceful and free society

Planven Entrepreneur Ventures

as an investor brings together global technology and corporates in Europe. PEV invests in disrupting technologies to contribute to the achievement of a free democratic high welfare society, where european technology corporates thrive in the global market


Minority stakes

Target investments between 8M USD and 10M USD per company with either board representation or strong ties with managementv

Target sectors

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, HealthTech

Geographical focus

40% Israel, 30% Europe, 30% USA

Investment stages

Series A, B, C in revenue generating companies,
seed and earlier investments excluded


Così dalla Silicon Valley disarmiamo gli hacker

Nata dall’idea di due italiani, Nozomi Networks protegge le infrastrutture critiche.
L’azienda è stata visitata dal presidente Mattarella nel viaggio in America.

Nozomi Networks Hosts Italian President Sergio Mattarella at US Headquarters

We are glad to announce that Nozomi Networks, the leader in industrial cybersecurity and operational visibility was honored last Friday with a special visit from Italian President Sergio Mattarella.


Beustweg 12, 8032 Zürich - CH

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